about us

skin care

 with strong influences from herbs used in rural Greece and a little help from the village herbalist. We have produced a range of 100% natural skin care products. using our amazing organic olive oil and local beeswax from bees kept in the very same olive groves as the base for our fantastic products.


organic olive oil

This Is something very close to our hearts, we are proud to give you one of the finest olive oils in the world. With a protect designation of origin and organic farming and production methods, this is truly something spectacular.


infused olive oil

our fantastic organic olive oil infused with the highest quality wild or organic flavors. a great way to liven up your cooking. great for making dressings, marinades, drizzling, dipping, roasting, frying, grilling, and of course experimenting!


sea salts 

be naturals solar sea salt Still hand collected from the salt pans and natural rock pools along the shoreline as it has been for centuries. ( Many local families have their own ‘salt spots’, which are greatly prized.) the crisp clean waters give a fantastic mineral rich salt.


herbal teas

 We are very particular about what herbs we use and make sure they are all organic or from sustain-ably harvested wild stock.We work with licensed tea pickers who collect medicinal herbs and teas from the foothills of the Taygetos mountain range. The dry Greek summers intensify the full essence of the plant




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